The Australian Grand Prix winner's trophy will be named in honor of three-time Formula One champion Jack Brabham, who died on May 19 at the age of 88.   More

Red Bull pursued the matter further challenging the stewards’ decision at the governing body’s International Court of Appeal headquarters in Paris but after a six hour hearing the verdict was upheld.   More

The dispute resolution tribunal for motorsport is hearing Red Bull's case against the disqualification of Daniel Ricciardo from the Australian Grand Prix.   More

If you weren't particularly happy with Sebastian Vettel's dominance last season, then you probably won't enjoy this season either. Here's why Mercedes could be winning a lot of races this year:  More

Formula One should be celebrating a promising start to its era of new engines and the welcome injection of some fresh faces on the podium at the Australian Grand Prix. Instead, the series is mired in problems just one week into the season.

The Briton reached the milestone the slowest among the 14 as he achieved the landmark in his 248th start becoming the only driver to take more than 200 races to reach the number.  More

Formula One team Red Bull has officially appealed to motorsport's governing body over Daniel Ricciardo's disqualification from last weekend's season-opening Australian Grand Prix.   More

It gets even darker for Hamilton if only the last 14 seasons are considered as no eventual world champion failed to finish the first race of their respective title-winning seasons.   More

Red Bull’s smiles were wiped out after the stewards found Daniel Ricciardo’s car to have “consistently” breached the regulations during the Australian Grand Prix on Sunday   More

Hamilton, the pre-race favourite, found himself in third position after the first turn and had slipped down to fifth before his team ordered him into the pits to retire with a misfiring cylinder.   More